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Outdoor backyard grow hut

A Small Investment Can Save You Tens of Thousands of Dollars per Year!

Go from seed to harvest in just 90 days of installing your very own Backyard Grow Hut Kit while slashing gardening costs that are a nightmare to owning a backyard garden.

Our easy-to-install grow kit is available as a kit only or kit plus accessories.

Why Choose Backyard Grow Kits

Grow More Plants

You can maximize your plants by growing outside!

Save on Electricity

Sunlight is free and you’ll save a ton on your electricity bill!

Eliminate the Smell

Growing your high-value plants indoors requires a lot of venting and can produce an unpleasant smell in your home.


If you are growing your high-value plants indoors, you are going to have a lot of cords plugged into a lot of sockets, which can potentially be dangerous.

Maximize Growth

The bigger the plant, the bigger the yield! Growing outside in the sunlight will allow your plants to reach their fullest potential.

Easy to Water

Don’t be a slave to your plants. Just hook up your hose to our timer and you’re done!

What Our Clients Say

Let's Beautify Your Garden Together!

The Wrong Soil Will Cost You!

You’re not Aunt Betsy who’s growing prize tomatoes for the State Fair!  You’re looking to grow the most aromatic and delicious plants! 

Not all soils are created equal and you’re not going to find soil that grows the lushest flowers in the garden center of the local home improvement store. 

Having studied soil for more than 20 years, we looked over the landscape and realized that to grow the best, you needed to have the best. Our Premium Organic Super Soil contains all the organic nutrients and vitamins your weed needs, plus, we put a little somethin’ somethin’ on the end!

Our recipe that contains biochar, humate, and worm castings (yum!) mixed in the perfect proportions, which creates a super vitamin pill for your plants. 

The result is you get plants with vigorous roots, accelerated growth, and an enhanced yield!

Patent Pending Technology

Our patent-pending grow hut is a product of years of research and experiments to develop the right hut for your backyard grow hut.

Ready for That Constant Crop?

Backyard Grow Hut
Outdoor backyard grow hut

$ 1,995

Kit Only
Backyard Grow Hut Full Kit
Outdoor backyard grow hut


Kit + Accessories