Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Do I have to pay the full amount at the time of purchase?

Yes, we expect a 100% payment when you place the order.

How long will it take to deliver my Backyard Grow Kits after I order it?

Your Kit will be shipped or ready for pick up from our warehouse in 7 -10 days.

How long does it take to assemble my Backyard Grow Kits?

The kit comes pre-assembled.

Will the Backyard Grow Kit be secure?

We provide a secure and enclosed structure with a gate and lock to secure the plants.

How tall is the Backyard Grow Kit?

Our grow house is 6 feet tall, which typically is the same height as neighborhood fencing.

Where should I put my Backyard Grow Kit?

There needs to be an 8 x 8 foot level space for a 6 plant grow house or 8 x 12 foot level space for a 12 plant grow house in an area that gets maximum daily sunlight (sun on it all day). Your backyard needs to be secure from the public and out of the public view.

What kind of warranty do you have on the structure?

We provide a 1 year warranty from the date of shipment or pickup against defects in materials and workmanship.

In the event of physical damage to the structure outside the warranty period, can I hire you to repair it?

Yes. Take pictures of the damaged structure and we’ll provide an estimate. If you use us for a service contract, we examine the structure and provide an estimate.

Gardening Questions

What’s in your proprietary Super Soil mixture?

Natural and organic soils, peat moss, organic pine bark compost, green sand, worm castings (yum!) and much more!

Does my Outdoor Backyard Grow Kits need water?

Yes. You will need to provide a hose that will fit on our timer in order to water your plants.

How much water does the Backyard Grow Kits require?

Our timers run a 20 minute drip system, so you are a looking at about 1 gallon of water per plant every two or three days depending on the season. You use more water in a week while showering!

Grow House Technical Specs.

What is the Outdoor Backyard Grow Kits Kit made of?

Wood, vinyl, and shade cloth.

How big is it?

8×8 feet for a 6 plant grow house and 8×12 feet for a 12 plant grow house.

What size pots do you use?

We use 20 gallon pots.

How much Super Soil do I get?

We provide 12 bags of our proprietary Super Soil for a 6 plant Grow House and 24 bags for a 12 plant grow house.

What % is the shade cloth?


What kind of watering system?

We use 1/4 inch drip tubes with 360 degree emitters connected to your garden hose.

What about the PH levels?

You can hand water PH’d water at anytime to bring your overall soils PH level to your desired PH.

Does it come with a timer?

Yes. The timer comes with 3 AAA batteries.