The Complete Guide to What a Planter Box is and How to Use Them for Your Home

The Complete Guide to What a Planter Box is and How to Use Them for Your Home

One technique to decorate your home garden is to grow plants in a planter box. A planter box is any container that holds soil and adds a unique and great plant or flower look.

You can grow vegetables, herbs, and other plants in a planter box. However, because many planter boxes flood the market every day, finding the right one might be difficult.

The functions of a good planter box

Planter boxes add a lovely finishing touch to any garden, similar to how one chooses to adorn their living room with a gorgeous piece of art.

Place planter boxes by the front door to add curb appeal, in beds to add interest, and beneath windows to add a dash of color.

Planter boxes display the beauty of each season, such as evergreen boughs in the winter, mums and gourds in the fall, heat-loving annuals in the summer, and flowering bulbs in the spring.

Characteristics of a suitable planter

The term “qualities” refers to elements that determine whether something is valuable or not.

Durable material

A long-lasting planter box comprises a lengthy lifespan material. Always consider the source of the material.

A planter box made of a porous material like terra cotta aids water evaporation. As a result, you will need to water plants and flowers regularly in dry and hot climates.


For a more dramatic impact, fill your planter box with various plants of diverse heights that will flow over. Alternatively, plant a single hue of a specific type of bloom with total impaction.


Most plants do not require much water; prick holes in the edges of the planter boxes so that any surplus water can drain and flow to the planter box’s exterior.

What is the best way to use a planter box for gardening?

Use potting soil in a planter box. Fill the planting box with soil first. After that, think about fertilizing the soil.

Choose plants according to the size of the planter box. The 18-by-18-inch size is ideal for tiny plants with low yields.

Plant high-yielding plants in a 24-by-24-inch planter box; consequently, consider the planter box’s size when planting.

Water the plants and watch them flourish; plants require attention to produce abundantly. Slowly and deeply water the plants with reduced frequency until the water leaks out the drainage pores.

Harvesting; bigger planter boxes enable year-round production of annual crops. Some plants even sprout over and over.

Vegetables, for example, harvest the upper edible leaves so that the plant can regrow.

Types of planter boxes.

Elevens Raised Garden Bed outdoor planter box.

Fairfield 582B patio planter box by Mayne

Planter box Mayne 4836B cape cop

Planter box made of galvanized steel

Vevo’s raised garden bed planter box of plastic.

Vegetable raised garden bed made of galvanized metal.

Planter box for the window

Canadian cedar garden raised in a jumble

For inspiration, here are some planter box ideas.

To get some inspiration, read through some entertaining and innovative planter-box designs.


Wicker is a charming Basket-style planter box frequently hanging near the window

Wicker is a charming basket-style planter box frequently hanging near the window. Wicker creates the impression of a refined English country garden.

It is the most suitable planter box for growing lavender herbs.

Terra cotta.

terra cotta to act as a planter box

Terra cotta is a clay planter box; clay is a porous substance that allows water to drain through it. A terra-cotta planter box is brimming with geraniums and exudes an old-world European vibe.

Mount a terra-cotta planter box on a fence, a window, a patio, or a deck.

Wrought iron.

wrought iron planter box

The scrolls and flourishes on a wrought iron planter box have a scrolling effect, making you feel like you’re riding through the French Quarter.

Rain boots.

It’s great to learn that you can transform rain boots into a quirky planter box.

You can plant annuals such as vinca, begonias, and pansies. Then, choose a pair of rain boots with a design element, or line up different hues of rain boots to create a stronger visual impression.

Vintage washtub.

Make a vintage washtub planter box

Vintage is frequently associated with fabulous antiques. Look for antique or vintage stores, and if you come across an old metal washtub, you may use it to make a vintage washtub planter box.


Make excellent planter boxes out of wheel barrors

Stop throwing away old wheelbarrows; they make excellent planting boxes—plant summer annuals like petunias instead of putting old wheelbarrows for the yard sale.

The more weathered the wheelbarrow becomes, the better it looks in a cottage-style yard.

Old suitcase.

planter box in the form of an old suit case

A colorful and damaged old suitcase in a country-style garden reveals your creative ideas and provides a good backdrop for cheery marigolds.

Old saucepan.

old sauce pans as planter boxes

Cooking concepts from the past Make a simple home planter box succulents with a vertical ascent of a peace lily. Remember to drill holes to allow water to escape through this planter box, commonly located near an outdoor dining area.

Repurposed pallets.

use left over pallets to make planter boxes

Please don’t throw away your leftover pallets; instead, turn them into a colorful wall plate box. In the pallet, you can plant individual potted plants like sweet alyssum, begonias, and petunias.


Use concrete to make solid planter boxes that are durable

Concrete is a strong material that you can use to create unbreakable solid planters with an antique look. These develop a lovely worn patina over time.

Bicycle baskets.

A bicycle basket planter box on the front and rear

A bicycle basket planter box comprises an old bike with baskets on the front and rear with a whimsy country flair and protects flowers from hungry bunnies, which can be a nuisance in your yard.


Convert an old boat into a planter box

It must, of course, be an old boat that can be converted into a planter box using pond liners and water lilies.

Tree trunk.

A tree trunk demands both imagination and logic. Make a beautiful planter box out of a tree trunk, for example, and create a sanctified portion within the chest to plant veggies.

Stock tank

A galvanized aluminum stock tank can be used as a water garden planter box with a rustic edge to match the garden’s theme.

Planter box ideas are endless; the Backyard Grow Kit website has everything you need to know about planter boxes.