Types of Fences and Cheap Backyard Fence Ideas.

Types of Fences and Cheap Backyard Fence Ideas.

Fences are a common item in most structures; a fence is one structure that provides privacy to one’s backyard.

A fence blocks the public from seeing your outdoor space activities, and it displays your style, beautifies your patio, and overall curb appeal.

Fences are so easy to make. You don’t need any rocket science ideas to invent one. So, forget about hiring a landscape designer; you can do this personally.

Qualities of a good fence.

Quality is essential; always put it into consideration before anything.



Any constructed fence has to last for a long time; a well-built and maintained fence can last 20 to 30 years.

Reliable construction material.

Every time you make a fence, select fence materials, colors, and designs construction material that suit your security and aesthetic requirements.

Method of construction.

The style of your backyard, the climate of the area, and the fence’s purpose play a key role in selecting the suitable fence material.

Materials for making fences.

We have three materials for making fences; wood, metal, and vinyl.


Trees like spruce, cedar, and pine provide the best quality wood for making fences.

Trees like spruce, cedar, and pine provide the best quality wood for making fences. A fence coming from cedar can last up to 30 years. However, treated wood increases the durability of the fence.


Wrought iron and aluminum fences are metallic fences that bring beauty and strength to your backyard.

Metal fences give sturdy options; they can be a chain link, wrought iron, or aluminum. Chain link is cheap and long-lasting but limits privacy unless you grow plants around it.

Wrought iron and aluminum fences are metallic fences that bring beauty and strength to your backyard.


Vinyl, aka PVC, is trending making for making fences. It is durable, requires low maintenance costs, and lasts for more than 20 years.

Types of backyard fences.

Fences come in various types, and you are always free to select any fence that will work for you. Discover more about these types of fences below.

Country-style backyard fence.

You are most likely to find an old but once-neglected backyard fence in a village setting. It brings a country appeal to your backyard.

The country-style backyard fence has a cheerful seating area and garden beds with a fresh vintage flair interior.

Flowerpot fence.

The design of a flower pot fence is not complex at all; the fence has wooden planters mounted above with beautiful, enticing flowers. It is a traditional white fence with vibrant pops of pink.

Pole fence.

A pole fence can be a classic pole fence or a simple pole fence that consists of erected tree poles with timber runnings connecting different poles around the entire backyard.

Post and rail fence.

Post and rail fence is a wooden post and rail structure with X-shaped railings on the porch, sway your days in a hammock.

Modern backyard fence.

The modern backyard fence happens to be a contemporary fence with a warm stain picturesque tangled with accompanying perennials, and it is an appropriate perch for visiting cardinals.

This fence is a trending take on backyard fencing with contrasting colors and cement planters that bring a sleek, streamlined look.

Trellis fence.

A trellis-like fence has bountiful wisteria plants that fill the empty spaces of the trellis to block people outside the fence from eyeing inside.

Sweet and low fence.

Not all of us love tall fences; choose a shorter style of sweet and low backyard fence that can allow passersby to glimpse the interior décor of your fence.

Criss-cross fence.

Black is beauty; deliver yourself from white fencing using a black criss-cross with a modern, sleek appearance with flawless forefront looks.

Perfectly imperfectly wood fence.

Wow, I love this name; perfectly imperfect. These fences come from knotty distressed wood and consist of varying lengths, shapes, and widths structures with paint chips.

Vertical planter fence.

Vertical planter fences

This fence has an impressive vertical garden inform of stacked plants with a comfortable design to grow different crops.

Country fence.

Country backyard fences

What is more classic than a wooden country fence set behind a swing? Add simplicity to your backyard with an easy country fence.

Backyard garden fence.

This fence provides an oasis-like appearance to your backyard; it displays climbing ivy and hanging planters along the fence.

Privacy fence in the backyard.

This kind of fence aims to attain privacy; its spacing is so narrow with complementary plants; therefore, the privacy trick plays best here.

Stonewall fence.

Stone wall fences

If you land on a backyard fence with an original stone fence, count yourself lucky. The stone structure brings character and separates the patio from the rest of the backyard.

Split-rail fence.

A split-Rail fence creates an idyllic scene with a frozen appearance.

Fence interior design ideas.

Interior design ideas for fences

Fence interior design ideas help one put a beautiful facial look in their backyard. Here are simple ideas that can help you create an oasis in the interior of your backyard fence.

Update with pops of bright colors.

Take your backyard to the next trend from dark to bright color looks; paint your deck, patio, or balcony with attractive colors like acrylic craft paints.

Install colorful pots and birdhouses in various sections of the backyard, and select vibrantly colored flowers to comprehend the color of the pots.

Reuse unique containers. Do your favorite gardening wellies have a leak spring? Do you feel like tossing them up? Please do not.

Use cute planters to recycle the leaking gardening wellies. Just insert these wellies inside the planters and display them on your deck or a sunny back door.

Construct a DIY window box.

It is not logical to spend cash on window boxes, yet you can construct a simple, elegant DIY window box similar to your style house.

Invent a fire pit.

Mainly during the cold climatic regions, fire pits do you many good things; it provides warmth to the body as you chill outdoors with your loved ones.

Give hummingbirds an invitation to your backyard.

These little cuties or gems bring a bright smile as you practice astonishing aerial acrobatics. These birds are an essential thing to spice up your daily activities.

Amazingly, hummingbirds flap their wings 50 times per minute; isn’t this amazing? You have to provide a feeder and make personal nectar as you wait for the show.

Hang a tree swing or outdoor bed swing.

Why not swing a little bit as you have a chat on WhatsApp or make a lengthy call or take an afternoon nap outdoors in a pallet bed swing?

Reuse vintage tins.

Do you have old potato chip tins? Save the environment by recycling these tins as you grow beautiful flowers for your fence design, an attractive interior design?

Plant a thicket of shrubs along the fence.

Fences from shrubs and thickets

Grow a thicket of fast-growing shrubs to add more privacy to your backyard, and you see, just a fence is not enough.

You can decide to plant different shrubs in a triangular pattern to bring out a more natural look.

Construct an outdoor movie spot.

Interior fences can create beautiful movie and sunbathing spots


An outdoor movie spot can also work as a sunbathing spot. Use handmade chairs with a unique decorative piece of cloth that can add a splendid glimpse to the interior of the fence.

Plant some edibles in the interior of your backyard fence.

We all love food; use little space in your backyard to plant some easy-to-grow edibles like greens, cherry, tomatoes, and climbing beans.

Build a tree tower.

A tree tower is so striking; the happiness of just climbing up to have a clear landscape view of your backyard.

Fencing is an easy activity that doesn’t require any rocket science ideas. So make the Backyard Grow Kit website your best friend, and catch you for more gardening information next time.