MegaBone – The Ultimate Transplanting Ally


Crafted with a potent blend of bone meal, trace minerals, and iron, MegaBone is your organic transplanting companion.

Perfect for establishing robust root systems and fostering growth, it’s versatile for most plants, with a special nod to long-lived ones.

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MegaBone isn’t just another soil amendment; it’s a specially curated mixture that acts over time. Its organic composition delivers phosphorus and essential nutrients, ensuring strong root systems and healthy growth patterns. Whether you’re dealing with vegetables, flowers, or trees, MegaBone has got you covered. For your tender vegetable starts, though, consider MegaStart.

Instructions for Green Thumbs:


  1. Integrate MegaBone into the soil at the base and sides of your planting hole.
  2. Depending on the plant type:
    • 1-2 tablespoons for vegetables, flowers, or other smaller plants.
    • 1 cup for roses or shrubs.
    • 1-2 cups for trees, contingent on their size.
  3. After planting, ensure to soak with a MegaSea seaweed solution. This reduces shock, helping your plant to adjust seamlessly to its new environment.

Soil Enhancement:
For vegetable beds, spread 1-6 cups over every 100 square feet, adjusting based on your soil’s specific needs.

Packaging & Coverage:
Offered in two weights: 1 lb. and 2 lb. Quick Reference:

  • 1 lb.: Roughly 2 cups, apt for several transplants or amending an area spanning 50-300 sq. ft., contingent on soil type.
  • 2 lb.: Suitable for areas between 100-600 sq. ft.

With MegaBone, transplanting is no longer a gamble, but a promise of thriving green life.


1 lb, 2 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs


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