MegaGreensand – The Solution for Yellowing Plants Organic Iron-Infused Soil Balancer


MegaGreensand is a unique organic amendment specifically designed to address iron deficiencies, typically leading to plant yellowing.

Perfect for high alkaline soils, it replenishes iron, potash, and other essential nutrients without affecting alkalinity.

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Combat Yellowing Naturally:
A pale hue, especially the yellowing of plants, lawns, or trees, often spells an iron deficiency, prevalent in regions with alkaline-rich soils. MegaGreensand is your organic solution, formulated not just to restore iron but to maintain a natural balance.

Multifaceted Nutrient Booster:
More than just iron, MegaGreensand is a treasure trove of nutrients. It brings to the table potash, nitrogen, phosphorus, and a spectrum of trace minerals – a unique composition that no other product in the market offers. As it replenishes your soil, it also ensures that your plants remain vibrant, healthy, and green. An added advantage? It naturally adjusts the pH of your soil, enhancing nitrogen absorption, crucial for plant health.

Soil Structure Enhancer:
For gardeners grappling with clayey or sandy soils, MegaGreensand emerges as a hero. Its unique properties make clay soils more pliable and elevate moisture retention in both clay and sandy terrains, ensuring optimal conditions for plant growth.

Usage Guidelines:

  1. Initial Application: Distribute 1 lb. over a 100 sq. ft. area using a lawn spreader or sprinkle uniformly on gardens or lawns before planting or tilling operations.
  2. Maintenance: Side dress plants when required. Use 2 tablespoons for small plants, half a cup for bushier plants, and a full cup for trees.

Packaging Variants: Choose from three sizes: 1 lb., 2 lb., or 10 lb. packs, as per your requirement.

Revive your garden’s verdant charm with MegaGreensand – the organic touch every soil yearns for.


1 lb, 2 lbs, 10 lbs, 15 lbs


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