MegaSea Water Soluble Seaweed Powder – Elevate Your Gardening Experience!


Unleash nature’s best with MegaSea’s seaweed powder, packed with essential trace minerals to supercharge plant health and enrich the flavor of your produce. From fostering rapid root growth to shielding against frost and drought, this all-natural elixir is the perfect ingredient for a flourishing garden.

Paired with MegaFish and other organic boosters, watch as MegaSea transforms your soil and produce!

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MegaSea doesn’t just benefit plants. When vegetables absorb its richness, we, in turn, receive heightened health benefits from consuming them. Minerals from whole foods, like these power-packed veggies, are effortlessly absorbed by our bodies, making every bite count.

Soil’s Best Friend:
MegaSea is the ideal remedy for soils yearning for a rejuvenation. It not only addresses deficiencies but also fortifies plants against harsh conditions, from frost to drought. Elevated sugar levels, courtesy of MegaSea, also act as a protective shield against pests and diseases.

Transplanting? Think MegaSea:
Worried about transplant shocks? A sprinkle of MegaSea ensures smooth transitions, facilitating rapid root growth.

Fruit Trees Love It:
Struggling with fruit production due to soil deficits or frost? MegaSea is the answer! By enhancing bud sugar levels, it naturally prevents bud freezing, ensuring a fruitful harvest even in challenging conditions.

Unbeatable Organic Fertilizing Combo:
For a holistic organic fertilization strategy, combine MegaSea with MegaFish hydrolyzed fish and select from MegaMator/MegaPepe/MegaVeggie. Healthy soil means thriving plants!

Benefits Snapshot:

  • Shields plants during transplanting.
  • Boosts root growth speed.
  • Enriches soil with every trace mineral available.
  • Prepares the soil for abundant plant production.
  • Safeguards plants from frost and drought.
  • Enhances fruit-setting in extreme temperatures.
  • Amplifies the flavor of your harvest.

Usage Guide:

Regular Plants: Weekly, mix 1 tsp of MegaSea in a gallon of water and either spray or root feed your plants. Partner with MegaFish bi-weekly and the recommended organic boosters for optimal results.

Fruit Trees: Monthly during the growth season, blend 1 tsp of MegaSea in a gallon of water and root feed. Use a gallon per 4 feet of tree height.

Sizes & Quantity:
4.4 oz. makes ~35 gallons. 10.7 oz. makes ~85 gallons.

Our Assurance:
Our confidence in MegaSea’s transformative powers is unmatched. If you’re not delighted, we pledge to refund you. But with countless gardeners already raving about our products, we’re sure you’ll join the chorus of satisfied growers.

A Nostalgic Flavor Trip:
Craving for the rich, deep flavors of yesteryears’ produce? With MegaSea, re-experience the magic of produce that tastes as nature intended. Dive into a taste reminiscent of Grandma’s cherished garden with every bite.

Embrace the Power of Nature with MegaSea and experience gardening like never before. Happy Gardening!


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